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Why this course?


Join the best CMAT GK Preparation that includes video lectures, CMAT Study Material for Static GK, topic wise tests, current affairs capsules and everything that you need to score 60+ in CMAT GK Section.

Video Lectures covering all the crucial topics like Indian Polity, History, Indian Economy, Economics, Geography, etc.

CMAT Study Material covering general topics like ( Indian Cinema, UNESCO sites, First in India, Sports Terminologies, etc with visualisation and memory techinques)

CMAT Business Affairs covering relevant business awareness.

Daily Schedule for a structured & dedicated preparation.

Weekend tests on the topics covered in that particular week.

We strongly believe that simply studying just the material doesn't yield much results and kills lot of time.

So, a proper video explanation is required for Static GK for CMAT.

We know that you may be surprised by looking at the price of the course which is highly economical, but this is the best GK training course that you ever get in the market.


-Team Tespert

Course Curriculum

CMAT Static GK Video Lectures
Indian Polity
Polity & Constitution | Part 1
Principles & Sources of Indian Constitution | Part 2
Fundamental Rights | Part 3
Fundamental Rights | Part 4
Fundamental Rights | Part 5
President | Part 7
DPSP | Part 8
Vice President of India | Part 9
Prime Minister & Council of Ministers | Part 10
Parliament | Part 11
Funds, State Legislature | Part 12
Polity 1 Notes
Polity 2 Notes
Polity 3 Notes
Polity Test-1
Polity Test -2
Polity Test -3
Polity Test -4
Polity Test -5
Polity Test -6
Polity Test -7
Polity Test -8
Polity Test -9
Polity Test -10
Polity Test -11
Polity Test -12
Indian History
Socio Religious Movements | Modern History | Part 1
1857 revolt | Modern History | Part 2
British Rule Before 1857 | Part 3
British rule after 1857 | Part 4
Formation of INC & Sessions | Part 5
Modern History Test-1
Modern History Test-2
Modern History Test-3
Indian Economy
STATIC GK (General)
Imp. Revolutions in India
Test (Revolutions in India )
Imp. Regulatory Bodies Of India
Test (Regulatory Bodies Of India)
International Boundary & Map Lines
Test (International Boundary)
Tribes & Communities
Test (Tribes & Communities)
Sea Ports of India
Test (Sea Ports of India)
The First Women | Static GK
Tags of the World
First in the World
Nicknames Of Famous Personalities
Facts about Indian Cinema
Biosphere Reserves of India
Nicknames of Indian Cities
Tags of the World
World Heritage Sites
Lakes in India & Types
List Of Awards in Various Fields
Concept Of GI Tags
Slogans Associated with Famous Personalities
Formation of Indian States
Parliaments Of The World & Tricks to Learn
Memorials of famous personalities
Dams & Rivers associated
Indian States | Special Module |
National Parks & Must know facts
Festivals & Facts of India
Military Exercises (Must know Facts & Complete Coverage)
Imp. Military Operations
Important Landmark Judgements
Padma Awards 2021
Books & Authors Part 1
All about Nobel Prizes (Static + Current)
CMAT Business GK
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
GK Fast Track MCQ Series
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Special GK Modules
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Jan CA 1
March CA 1
April CA 1
May CA 1
June CA 1
July CA 1
Aug CA 1
Sept. CA 1
Oct. CA 1
Nov. CA 1
Art and Culture
Paintings & Personalities
Physical & World Geography - 1
Physical & World Geography - 2

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