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NON CAT (Morning)

22 modules


Till 150 days


This course on Probability drives you through each and every concepts covered under the syllabus of SNAP, TISS-NET, NMAT etc. from the very basic level to advance level. In this course, each and every topic has been explained with real life examples. Sufficient numerical problems have been solved in a step by step approach which will help in understanding the concepts much better. Topics covered in this course are:




Probability Part 1

Probability Part 2

Probability Part 3

Probability Part 4

Percentage Part 1

Percentage Part 2

Average Part 1

HCF and LCM Part 1

HCF and LCM Part 2

Number System Part 1

Number System Part 2

Number System Part 3

Data Interpretation Part 1

Data Interpretation Part 2

Quadratic Equations Part 1

Quadratic Equation Part 2

Logarithm Part 1

Logarithm Part 2

Para jumbles

Critical Reasoning

Statistics Part 1

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